Seminar Membanteras Keganasan Terhadap Wanita

( 28 Nov 2014)

A seminar on raising awareness about the laws  protecting women’s rights in cases of divorce or domestic  violence in the home. The participants were women NGOs working with cases of Muslim women going through divorce and  domestic violence.

The objective was to educate women to know their right and  to empower them to take charge of their lives.

The main speakers were Dr. Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar, Medical Director and psychiatrist  of Hospital Permai, Johor Bahru and En Yunus Ismail,  President,  Peguam Syarie Negeri Johor .

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 Kempen Menentang Keganasan Rumah Tangga ( 24 April 2014)

Another of Jewel’s programmes on empowerment through advocacy and awareness of women’s rights .

A joint program by Jewel with All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) and Sogo KL featuring Mrs Malaysia, Carol Lee. The  participants were NGOs , victims of abuse, single mothers and the speakers included an  a syariah lawyer, D11 police officer, Ms Betty Yeo from AWAM  as well as Mrs Malaysia, Carol Lee.

Participants were from NGOs working with single mothers,  HIV patients, shelter homes and  welfare societies which number about 200.

The  speakers were En Yunus Ismail, President,  Syarie Lawyer Association, representatives from PDRM, Social Welfare Department and NGOs like AWAM. The program was supported by  MBJB which provided the venue and equipment.





 Mental Health Week at Hospital Sultan Ismail  ( 27 Nov 2014)

Jewel set up an exhibition booth during  the Mental Health Conference in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru to promote awareness on Domestic Violence and abuse.





 International Women’s day Celebration 2014 ( 18 March 2014)

The first IWD celebration highlighting a guest speaker to speak on women rights and gender equality .  Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, a renowned socio-political activist and writer was the guest speaker  on the topic “ Quality For Women Is Progress For All” .

HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah gracd the event with her presence