TinDAK Campaign

Kempen TinDAK – Tindak Demi Anak Kita

JEWEL’s signature child sexual abuse awareness and prevention campaign

TinDAK’s objectives:

  • To PROTECT children from falling victim to sexual abuse, via a coordinated awareness and prevention campaign at state, district and grassroots level.
  • To EMPOWER children to know they have a right to physical and personal safety.
  • To STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and collective responsibility in tackling child sexual abuse.

Kempen TinDAK 2018 target groups:

  • TinDAK-for-Schools - Primary school-aged children (started in 2017)
  • TinDAK Istimewa - The disabled (started in 2018)
  • TinDAK-4-Teens - A pilot programme being tested for teenagers

The campaign later aims to do awareness training for Tadika and Taska operators.


Every child deserves to grow up feeling safe and emotionally secure, in an environment that is free of abuse. The Richard Huckle scandal in 2016 blew the lid off the issue of child sexual abuse (CSA) in our society, and shone the spotlight on paedophilia – a sexual interest in pre-pubescent children. Sexual crimes against minors is a growing trend worldwide, and Malaysia is not about to be spared.

Statistically, one in every four children is likely to fall victim to some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. Child molesters and sexual predators are typically highly manipulative and will invest time and effort to groom a child victim. Victim-blaming, fear of loss of face and the challenges of putting an effective case together to prosecute the predator, are among the many reasons why abusers often get away with their crime.

In 2017, with the encouragement of Her Majesty the Permaisuri of Johor, JEWEL engaged in a successful collaboration with the Johor State Education Department and the Johor Women’s Development Department to roll out Kempen ‘TinDAK for Schools’.

Trainers were brought in from KL-based NGO Protect & Save The Children (PSTC). Over the course of five days (April 9-13, 2017), some 906 school counsellors from all primary schools in each of the 11 education districts in Johor were trained in the basics of child abuse awareness. Teaching materials, including posters, pamphlets and animation videos created by JEWEL member Gayatri Unsworth were distributed to all government primary schools.

In 2018, we plan to keep up the momentum. Based on the feedback received from the District Education Officers, the TinDAK-for-Schools module will be improved, and rolled out once again to all districts in the second half of 2018.

This year, we will also embark on educating the disabled on sexual abuse through ‘TinDAK Istimewa’. Also in the pipeline is training for taska and tadika operators.


  • 17-JAN-2018 Legal Literacy Workshop on the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017

    Organised by: JEWEL and Johor Women’s Development Department.
    Venue: Dewan Jamuan, Bangunan Sultan Ismail, Kota Iskandar, Iskandar Puteri.
    Speaker: Mr Raymund Jagan, Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW)
    Attendance: 80 pax Time: 8am-4pm
    An overview of the new Act and its practical application for the concerned citizen, including NGOs, NGIs and agencies working with children. Topics covered included the Act and the Ministry’s newly issued guidelines on SOP for handling child sexual abuse cases. Attendees included doctors, NGOs, and university students. Well-received workshop with a lot of questions raised on procedures and legalities when guardians wish to withdraw reports. Request received that in future a Deputy Public Prosecutor would be a useful additional panellist.
  • 25-FEB-2018 ‘The Right Choice’ Workshop on staying safe and sexual health for teenagers at risk.

    Organised by JEWEL at the request of SMK Seri Kota Puteri, Masai, Johor.
    Facilitators Noorhayatti Ismail, Pacific Youth Outreach Society
    Dr Wan Fadhilah, Klinik Mahmoodiah
    Venue: Dewan SMK Seri Kota Puteri Time: 10.30am-1pm
    Attendance: 130 Form 2 girl students, 8 special education girl students
    Topics covered included STDs, sexual exploitation, sexting, independent decision-making, etc
  • 25-FEB-2017Discussion with Cerebral Palsy Association Johor

    Discussion with Cerebral Palsy Association Johor on conducting training on sexual abuse awareness for staff and disabled students and clients; and to help develop a client protection policy for the association.
    Venue: Seminar Room, CPJ Time: 2-4pm
    Attended by CPJ Principal Mr Kannan, admin staff, rehab staff and teachers; JEWEL members led by TinDAK coordinator Thanam; En Mohamed Ali Taib, Director of the Johor Women’s Development Department; Puan Noorhayatti Ismail and Dr Wan Fadhilah of Pacific Youth Outreach Society.
    The meeting follows a ‘titah’ or royal command issued last year by the association’s Patron - the Permaisuri of Johor, that the association be proactive in protecting the disabled from abuse, through TinDAK intervention training and having a Client Protection Policy.
  • 7 March 2018Briefing on Kempen TinDAK 2018 for Johor State Education Department

    Venue: Bilik Kesidang, JPNJ
    Time: 11am-12.30noon
    Invited by JPNJ to address a meeting of all 11 district education representatives, during the ‘Mesyurat Pengurusan Disiplin Peringkat Negeri Johor’. The officers were unanimous in wanting to do the TinDAK training again this year for all primary school counsellors. Coordinator Thanam said last year’s training module will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure improved content and better delivery.
  • 10 March 2018Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Client’s Rights Training for Staff and Management of Cerebral Palsy Association Johor (CPJ).

    Organised by JEWEL in collaboration with CPJ
    Facilitators: Noorhayatti Ismail and Dr Wan Fadhilah,
    Pacific Youth Outreach Society
    Venue: Seminar Room, CPJ
    Attendance: 30 pax
    Time: 8am-12noon
    Training objectives:
    - Educate members of CPJ on the basics of child abuse and child rights.
    - Discuss procedures and protocols when a case of abuse happens.
    - Empower staff and teachers of CPJ to take action when abuse is detected.
    - Discuss guidelines that should be implemented for safety of the disabled at CPJ, with a view to developing and implementing a Client Protection Policy for the association.