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December 23, 2016
Sijil Penghargaan PDRM Johor
December 26, 2016

We are very proud of our Founder / Past President/ Program Chairman Mdm. Thanam Visvanathan was selected by RTM to be featured in a special documentary  for women activists titled  “INSPIRASI & PERJUANGAN”, in recognition of her exemplary track record of  fulltime and dedicated social service to the community all these years.

The camera crew  followed her for almost one week to put together the story of her social services and the family behind the inspiring persona that is Thanam Visvanathan. They were filming at the Kampung Simpang Arang Orang Asli Village where  Jewel was carrying out the Documentation program for birth certs and ICs and visiting homes of the underpriviledged. There were meetings to film, interviews with friends and Jewel members , family and working partners.

Congratulations, Thanam! Your story must be told to serve as an inspiration to others to follow in your footsteps.