Other Activities

President Jewel  Woo Sow Pheng and Bekas  President , Thanam Visvanathan menerima Sijil Penghargaan dari  Timbalan Ketua Polis Johor , Datuk Mohd Zakaria bin Ahmad  pagi ini sempena  Majlis Perhimpunan Bulanan Ibu Pejabat Kontinjen ( IPK)  Johor.

Penghargaan ini disampaikan kepada ahli-ahli masyarakat di atas jasa bakti dan sumbangan kepada  Polis Diraja Malaysia khususnya Jabatan Pencegahan Jenayah dan Keselamatan Komuniti Johor ( JPJKK).  Jewel  tetap berkomitmen dan sedia bekerjasama  dengan PDRM dalam aktiviti –aktiviti kesedaran  keselamatan awam demi kesejahteraan  masyarakat Johor.

Terima kasih, PDRM!



                     JOHOR BRIDAL EXPO 2016 

Woo Sow Pheng, Jewel President, Mohd Ali b Taib, Director, Johor Women Development Department and Nora Dato Rahmat, Jewel member and one of the  sponsors of the event   were invited as VIP guests at the officiating of NFL Event Management’s Johor Bridal Expo 2016 on Saturday 27 August 2016.  YB Hj Baderi b Hj Dasuki , Deputy Speaker, Johor Exco officiated the event which was held in Galleria Kotaraya.


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A session with Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun ,Deputy Minister  to discuss the One-Stop Center , a pioneer project set up by En Mohd Ali b Taib, Director, Johor Women’s Development Department  and issues faced by single mothers.



A Talk Show by Prof Dr Rose Alinda Alias ( 24 May 2016)

A very interesting  talk  on the book by Sheryl Sandberg and her own experiences in leadership shared  by Prof Rose. More women should listen to this as what is holding women back from leadership roles is our own barriers and perceptions2




A Bollywood Night  ( 30th April 2016)

A farewell Bollywood night party for Dato Aishah  Mohamed, organized by Perkep Johor . The Deputy Police Chief will be retiring from the police force on 4th May 2016. Thanks to Datin Mulsalmah bt Mohd Saman, Chairperson of Perkep, it was a very enjoyable night for all the ladies, wives and police officers including women NGOs.1


United Against Crime Launch  ( 27 April 2016)

Jewel as as the  leading NGO collaborating on this RMP- CA  was invited to the launch by Dato Aishah Mohamed, Johor Deputy Police chief.   Frost & Sullivan, together with PEMANDU and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), had embarked on a  public-private partnership initiative to recognize the efforts of the police in keeping Johor safe.



A Safety Perception Index had been designed to improve collaboration between PDRM and the citizens of Johor to improve community safety, reduce crime and keep Johor safe. The Safety Perception Index is also Frost & Sullivan’s way of contributing to the United Against Crime movement spearheaded by PEMANDU.

Courtesy Call on Datuk Bandar 18 April 2016

Jewel paid a courtesy call to  Haji A Rahim bin Haji Nin, Datuk Bandar Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru with Ms Lynn Ahn, Peace delegate from South Korea.6




Seminar  “ Bridge To A Better Life”  17 April 2016

The  seminar  organized by Johor Women’s Development Department held at Menara Kastam on  17 April 2016 was attended by President , Thanam Visvanathan, Woo Sow Pheng, Secretary and Vanitha Krishnan.





Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration on the Cessation of War and Achievement of World Peace  13- 16 March 2016

On the 14th of March, over 1,000 renowned figures from all over the world including heads of state, legal representatives, media, youth and women’s organizations convened at the COEX Auditorium for the Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War.

The proclamation ceremony had been arranged to proclaim and commemorate the Declaration first conceived by Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL and drafted by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee who contributed their expertise and efforts into developing the Declaration through in-depth discussions and conferences. The proclamation ceremony also served as a platform to initiate the development process of the Declaration into an enforceable International Law, bringing forth a world without wars.

Chairman Lee of HWPL presented the completed articles of the Declaration which include the prohibition of: the threat or use of force; reduction of war potential; and dispute settlement; freedom of religion; as well as spreading a culture of peace. This Declaration is expected to act as a powerful and ground-breaking tool to dispose of all means that initiate war and armed conflicts, thus further attaining humanity’s fundamental goal, peace.

Although HWPL and its counterparts are paving the way for the world to encounter unparalleled changes, it is up to every individual to recognize their undisputable rights to enjoy peace and their responsibility, as youth and women around the world have begun to gather pledges of support through signing campaigns to urge for a world where the lives of all youth and women may bloom without having to encounter the tragedy of war.




GAHWI Memorandum 23rd March 2016

Supporting the revamp on syariah procedures governing  Muslim women, Jewel member , Liza Alip with other members of Gabungan Hak Wanita Islam  ( GAHWI) at Parliament House to present a memorandum to the parliamentarians.




 Royal Malaysia Police – Citizen Award  ( 9 April 2016)

Jewel  was the lead NGO representing the community  in this collaboration with PDRM under the leadership of Dato’ Aishah Mohammad , Johor Deputy Police Chief in carrying out a survey under   Frost and Sullivan to present the RMP-Citizen Awards  to officers of the police force who have carried out excellent work in their line of duty. For the first time, nomination and selection of winners in the individual and police station categories  were based on a very exhaustive set of criteria  formulated by frost & Sullivan financed by Pemandu







 Awards  from Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) for Jewel assistance in Safety Awareness ( 25 March 2016)

Proud moment for Jewel, as both President Thanam Visvanathan-Suresh and Incoming President Woo Sow Pheng were honoured with Letters of Appreciation during the 209th Police Day Parade and celebrations at the Johor Police Contingent Headquarters.
The ‘Surat Penghargaan’, signed by the Johor Police Chief, was presented by Dato’ Aishah Mohammad, the Johor Deputy Police Chief, herself an especially inspirational woman.
Thanam works extensively on women and child rights issues. She also heads the Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards (IMSHA) Committee.
Woo has spearheaded numerous training programmes on safety for women and girls, especially schoolgirls, over the years. She received IMSHA 2014 Award ( Public Safety) and takes over as President of Jewel in April 2016.
Also present was Liza Alip, who heads the subcommittee on reforms of divorce procedures for Muslim women.






Meeting with Frost & Sullivan, the consultants on the RMP-CA , the police team lead by Dato Aishah bt Mohamed, Johor Deputy Police Chief  in Medini Hub, Iskandar on 15 Jan 2016. Jewel was represented by Thanam , Woo , Evelyn and Sheila .

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Meeting with PDRM on Community  Issues for Women, Children ( 7 Jan 2016)

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Jewel was invited to have a meeting with YDH Dato’ Aishah bt Mohammad, the new Johor Deputy Chief of Police at the Police Headquaters in Johor Bahru.
Various issues concerning the Johor community were discussed during the meeting.



JEWEL Receives RM 20,000 From The BERJAYA Group

On 22nd February 2016, Puan Woo Sow Pheng , the incoming President of  Jewel, collected a cheque amounting to RM 20,000 from the BERJAYA group, on behalf of the organisation . In a grant awarding ceremony held at a renowned hotel, a total of 39 volunteer and non profit organisations , including JEWEL, were earmarked to qualify  to receive grants, based on their previous year’s activities. The money received by JEWEL will be put to good use to aid families in need as well as to the empowerment of women and children in Johor.





Peace Conference In Kuching, Sarawak ( 23 January 2016)

More than 50 individuals from several women non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and representatives from various religious bodies attended a conference promoting world peace.

Hosted by the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), the one-day conference was held at the Sarawak Islamic Information Centre here.

HWPL, which is an NGO registered under the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is committed to community development through volunteer outreach, women advocacy, and cultural and religious exchange through the IWPG and IPYG.

According to a statement from HWPL, they are striving to facilitate comprehensive grassroots peace-building that involves diverse voices of the community: leaders in education, governmental and religious sectors as well as non-profit organisations and youths to create sustainable solutions and empower individuals and communities to be an integral part in global peace-building.

The organisation also claims to transcend differences in culture, belief and region to engage leaders and youth in sustainable and comprehensive solutions for peace.

Present at the conference yesterday were representatives from the Sarawak Women and Welfare Society, Sarawak Federation of Women’s Institute, Johor Women’s League, Purple Lily, Angkatan Zaman Mangsang, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, and also from the Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Hindu bodies.





CIMC ( Community- Initiated Iskandar Malaysia Conference) 14th  January 2016

The half –day conference on business opportunities in Iskandar was held on 14th January  in Thistle Hotel, Johor Bahru was officiated by Dato’ Tee Siew Kiong, Exco , Tourism, Trade and Consumerism. The conference explored the opportunities in Iskandar through the “ One Belt One Road” ( OBOR)  initiated launched by the President of China.



Malam Pelancaran  Pelan Strategik 2016- 2010 Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru

JEWEL was invited to the MBJB Launching Ceremony for the 5 –year Strategic Plan & Appreciation Night  on 3rd January 2016 at Berjaya Waterfront Hotel.  Jewel has had a long-standing relationship with Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB)   since Jewel was set up in 2008 working together on numerous Safety Awareness programs for the community.

The ceremony was officiated by Dato’ Mohamed Khaled bin Nordin, Johor Chief Minister.mbjb




Weekly Counselling Training

Jewel members have attended  weekly counselling training sessions with Dr Abdul Kadir b Abu Bakar, Medical Director and psychiatrist at Permai Hospital, Johor Bahru since 2009.  The 1 hour sessions has been invaluable to Jewel members working with victims of domestic violence.1


Johor Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry Award   2015

Thanaletchumi Selvarajah, one of the founding members of Jewel received the award for Beautiful People from JICCI. Well done!


Ceremony for Yayasan Pembangunan Wanita Grant 2014

Jewel receiving the YPK grant of RM 10,000 at MSuites  during the Award Ceremony for Women  NGOs in Johor. Tanam, Sue , Liza and Vatsala attended.

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Deepavali Celebration for the Needy ( Sept 2014)rept 2014)




 Iskandar Social Hero Award  ( IMSHA)  Sept 2014

Congratulations to Woo Sow Pheng, Jewel Hon. Secretary on receiving 2014  IMSHA Award for Public Safety.



Iron Lady Award 2012

Thanam Visvanathan, President of  Jewel receiving the Iron Lady Award in 2013 for contribution in community services for the empowerment of women.

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12 Nov 2011 – 3rd Anniversary Dinner

Jewel marked our third anniversary as an NGO by holding a dinner for family and friends in the Straits Garden Restaurant  , Skudai. The occasion was also to say farewell to Tn Doraisamy, a staunch supporter of Jewel  and who is  now on transfer to Kuala Lumpur. Goodbye, Tuan ! Best of Luck to you!

Everyone including family members had a riotous time playing games and celebrating three years of Jewel together.