Lindungi Diri & Keluarga ; Pedopfilia, Pornografi & Jenayah Siber
September 25, 2016
Johor Peace Committee Joins the call for Peace from Malaysia to Seoul
September 26, 2016

Jewel and IKRAM Wanita Johor collaborated on a seminar to spread awareness to the community on issues like paedophilia, pornography and cyber -crime for 1500 participants on 24th Sept 2016 at the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Bahru.

      Jewel, a multiracial NGO is happy to work with IKRAM Johor, an Islamic NGO on this project as we both share the same values and objectives on service to the community. Together we can reach out and educate more people from all races and religion on issues like paedophilia, pornography and cybercrime. These problems facing our society has no boundaries. They rear their ugly heads among all the races, regardless of religions and affects the poor as well as the rich.

     To save our children and to give them a childhood where they can play without fear , we must not think in terms of yours and not my problem , but our problem to act on together for their sakes. Our children should not have to be brought up constantly being warned to fear this and that around them. Let us as adults make their childhood a safe and happy time for them.


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IKRAM-JEWEL 24.09.16