Jewel Tackles Domestic Violence And Empowers Women !

City Survival Skills by Capt Bala
July 31, 2014
City Survival Skills ( CSS ) Workshop For Female Teachers and Students
August 9, 2014

Whenever a victim of Domestic Violence reaches out to Jewel for help, we will make sure that we fully understand the nature of each individual’s problem. Jewel will act accordingly based on the needs of the victim. We may  assist victims to lodge police reports against their abusers or bring them to the hospital for medical checks. Our members are constantly undergoing counselling training so as to be able to handle even the most difficult situations . We give advice, emotional and moral support and even financial counselling so that victims may manage their finances.

For victims of   Domestic Violence who wish to get a divorce and obtain legal custody of their children but have no financial means, Jewel may assist in paying  for the cost of opening a file with the lawyer who will then  advise the victim on the course of action and  bringing the case to court.

To protect the identities of victims of Domestic Violence, Jewel reserves the right not to upload pictures of  such nature.

Single mothers who struggle with poverty are also assisted by Jewel. We ensure that these women are empowered with the ability to look after themselves and provide their family with sufficient income for the future. Assistance may be in terms of helping them obtain a driving licence or buying a sewing machine or kitchen equipment to start a baking business.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of womendownload