JEWEL Documentation Taskforce

Our vision:

  • Universal Birth Registration for all Malaysians
  • Universal Primary Education for all children
  • Our focus areas:

    • Birth certificate application
    • Application for Malaysian identity cards (for Malaysians only)
    • Marriage registration
    • OKU Card application
    • School admission for children who had been deprived due to documentation issues

    Even today, there are Malaysians who are stateless for a variety of reasons:

    • due to their own parents being undocumented
    • abandoned or fostered out informally in childhood
    • illegal adoption
    • family disruption (parent in jail; addiction issues, domestic violence, etc)
    • parents unable to access JPN services, or do not know how to register child’s birth
    • irresponsible parent or parents
    • An undocumented person faces a lifetime of uncertainty. Once the child’s mother dies or disappears, sorting out documentation and proving citizenship becomes an uphill battle.

      Our JEWEL volunteers have assisted several hundred Malaysians of all races who were at risk of statelessness, to obtain proper documentation.

      We also work with disadvantaged families to assist children, including those with special needs, get admitted into the school system, after their documentation has been sorted.


      • JEWEL’s documentation services are for the underprivileged only, but feel free to contact us for advice.
      • We are NOT a runner service; we DO NOT charge fees for our services.
      • We DO NOT do illegal adoptions or ‘backdoor’ services for illegal immigrants.
      • NEVER give original documents to a middleman. Always have photocopies.
      • NEVER USE A MIDDLEMAN. Seek help instead from:
        • the National Registration Department (NRD), or
        • your Member of Parliament , or
        • a registered NGO
      • We reserve the right to turn away any case we do not wish to handle.

      JEWEL Contact Details in Johor:

      Mdm Thanam : 016-716 0405

      Mdm Nithiya : 012-777 8809

      Mdm Anniee : 016-790 4518

      Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Negeri Johor
      Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)
      Jalan Pejabat
      Taman Setia Tropika
      81200 Johor Bahru

      Make a sincere effort to help an undocumented child.