Empowerment Support for Women & Children

Our Focus:

  • Helping the poor to help themselves – i.e. empowerment.
  • Extending opportunities for advancement to economically disadvantaged women.
  • Ensuring that every child is kept in the school system. That every child goes to school with dignity.
  • Counselling support for families in crisis. Advising victims of abuse.

JEWEL volunteers work with underprivileged Malaysian women and children of all races.

Women - Our approach is to help the disadvantaged to help themselves. Blind hand-outs only create dependency. The client needs a mind-set shift to effectively break out of the cycle of poverty, and that can happen if she is open to counselling, financial discipline and strategic intervention, i.e. extending meaningful opportunities for women and their families to advance themselves.

Over the years, we have helped:

  • sponsor the cost of driver’s licenses for poor women
  • helped women facing domestic violence, both Muslim and non-Muslim, to obtain legal advice
  • sponsor part of the cost of equipment needed for women to earn an additional income. These include sewing machines, baking equipment, and certificate courses in childcare. Sponsorships are approved on a case-by-case basis.
Children – We strongly believe that keeping children and young teens in the school system is a ‘protective factor’ against abuse, deprivation and neglect.
We have helped put tens of children back into the school system, intervening where necessary with counselling and financial aid to pay for fees, books and uniforms. We often monitor the progress of the child over years, to minimise the chances of back-sliding.
In 2017, JEWEL spent around RM25,000 on back-to-school shopping and school-related expenses for poor children and school re-admission cases.