City Survival Skills ( CSS ) Workshop For Female Teachers and Students

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August 1, 2014
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October 12, 2014

Jewel organised a  workshop exclusively for women called City Survival Skills , for 330  female secondary school  students and teachers  from various schools in Johor Bahru on 9th August 2014. Jewel has on many occasions brought this particular workshop     conducted by  dedicated safety activist Capt Bala from Kuala Lumpur, as the need for women to be and stay safe can never be underestimated.  Capt Bala shared valuable tips for women to protect themselves from being victims of molest, rape, human trafficking ,kidnapping, robberies , snatch thieves and many more. Both students and teachers were captivated by the information provided with many of them having questions for him, well after the end of the programme. Jewel will be organising more City Survival Skills workshops in the future as well as REACT, another safety workshop , but for both men and women.




Teachers and counsellors from the Johor Bahru schoolspose for a group photo with Capt Bala after a very informative session