– Current Issues 

Date: Sunday 23 Oct 2016         Time: 1.30pm – 5.30 pm

                                                   Venue:  Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor,

                                                                  Jalan Persiaran Golf , Senai

                                             NGOs and individuals  are welcome


  1. Dr Hartini Zainudin, Child Rights activist and co-founder of  Yayasan Chow Kit

                             – Current Issues in Child Right

     2. Shaney Ching , P.S. The Children

                           – The Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Dr Hartini  and P.S. The Children organisation  are the leading people in child rights movement in Malaysia. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from them here in Johor.
This is the latest  program that Johor Women’s League ( JEWEL) has organised on child rights and child sexual abuse to reach out to all especially people and organisations working  with children as well as concerned individuals who want our children to grow up without the  fear or trauma from sexual abuse.




The kids attended a hands-on workshop on taking care of themselves at the Jewel  “Staying Safe”  4 hour programme . Before the law can be drafted to protect children from sexual predators, Jewel took the initiative to teach the kids to look-out for themselves.

Jewel collaborated with Pacific Youth Outreach  ( PYO), Puan Norhayati and Kantha Kottan Women’s Wing, Mrs Mohana to teach “Child Safety” to 30 children between the ages of 6-12 today, 25th June 2016.
At the workshop, the children were taught to say “ NO! ” firmly and loudly to requests and touches  from people they were not comfortable with and to escape and  run to safety when they are threatened.  They were taught  to evaluate situations where their safety could be at risk and to take action to save themselves. Touches  on parts of the body  were emphasised under “ Safe Touch” and “Unsafe Touch”  by Norhayati. They  had learnt to stand –up for themselves and acquired information that could possibly save their lives in an enjoyable 4-hour session.

More Stay Safe : Child Safety  Workshops will follow for the various communities to empower children to protect themselves.

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 Birth Certificate Documentation  June 2016

“ … we move mountains to get a child a birth certificate, not as an act of charity on our part , but because it is the child’s right to have a registered identity

Thanam Visvanathan, Jewel President, 2008-2016

Another birth certificate application successful!!!
Parents missed out their 9th child.
Young Miss D, a 13 year old’s application was successfully submitted two Sundays ago. Much appreciation and a big thank you to Puan Siti, Asst Director of JPN who conducted the interview on the same day to help expedite the process.

Attending were Jewel members, Thanam Visvanathan, Vanitha and Sheila Nair along with Mr Ganggayah who stood in as a witness.




 SKJ( C)  Pandan School Breakfast Programme  ( Jan – Nov 2016)

Paying for children to have a proper breakfast, not so that  we can feel good about ourselves but because a child has the right to expect that society will do for them what is in their best interest.

Our continuing Breakfast School Project  for fifty  underpriviledged children studying in this primary school. The program was started in 2015 .

Under  Jewel’s daily breakfast programme  they get a filling meal from the school canteen paid for by Jewel. Their daily attendance in school  is monitored by a very committed and caring school counsellor , Ms Alice.

Thank you also to our generous donors who ensure these children get at least one solid nutritional meal for the day.
Great work on changing the menu, Jewel members, Woo Sow Pheng and May Chang!!






  1. English Lessons in Kampung Simpang Arang, Gelang Patah


Jewel member , Sheila Nair, spending time once a week with the Orang Asli kids at Kampung Simpang Arang to teach them English via interactive games, story telling and songs. Jewel member, Woo Sow Pheng  shared some interactive English  lessons using  netbooks which the kids enjoyed.

The children sitting on a mat spread on the floor,  listening raptly to Sheila’s lesson carried out in the front porch of one of the villagers ‘ house.