Youth Leadership by Toastmasters Johor Bahru  

( 6-7 November 2014)

Youth Leadership training by Toastmasters for under- priviledged group of secondary students from SMK Dato’ Usman Awang, Johor Bahru to develop leadership qualities and hone English communication skills  in school. The  programme to empower youths to be confident and  acquire communication skills for future career opportunities and prospects was organised by  Jewel .







 Jewel Butterfly-Express ( 22Sept 2014)

Donating books to the SJK(T) Ladang Mengkibol library in Kluang.

This project was started when a call to equip the sparse library of this Tamil primary school was made to Jewel. Members collected reading materials from friend and families and when the boxes of  books were sorted out and  checked by Priya , they were ready to be sent to the school.


To inculcate the love for reading and  to open up a world through books, Jewel held a reading session at the school  to launch the Butterfly Express project. Thanks to Priya!