Year-End School Shopping

Year-End School Shopping

It is time of the year  for school shopping again. The Jewel team took 40 school kids under our welfare program assisting poor families  including  single mothers and their children. With the rising cost of living, less fortunate families  face financial  problems preparing their children’s  back-to-school supplies to start the new school year.

Jewel  believes most  children look forward to having new uniforms , shoes and stationery to go to school and moreover, the children from disadvantaged families should not be differentiated from other children and can take pride in the overall presentation and smartness of new school apparel to go to school.

It was a chaotic morning  for our Jewel ladies  letting  40  kids run loose in Wixon Department Store in Taman Suria , picking out  uniforms, fitting out the shoes sizes and  having fun choosing school bags , water bottles and deciding on those special pencil cases.  Well done, ladies, you have certainly made the day for the happy kids.






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